Capturing and visu­al­izing the global response to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

For the Cultural Olympiad of the 2012 London Olympic Games, Studio NAND created emoto, a dual-part project consisting of both an online visualization and a physical installation that captured the collective response to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Millions of Tweets concerning the Olympics were gathered to determine the collective sentiment on individual topics such as events, players, and teams.

The live online component ran parallel to the games and translated real-time global sentiment into custom visualizations. The platform allowed users to explore the online discussions around the various topics with the actual Tweets used to calculate the sentiment.

Online Visualization

Landing page of the online visualization showing aggregated statistics of Twitter activity.
Topic view, showing the most discussed topics on the first day of the Games.

Physical Installation

The information collected in the online component created an extensive profile of the games which was documented in an interactive installation at the WE PLAY closing exhib­i­tion. Visitors could navigate a generative physical sculpture representing all responses over time with overlayed information from posted Tweets.

The interactive installation allowed people to scroll through the data that represented the emotional response of the Games.
The phys­ical data visualization in combination with a 10 meters long printed timeline.


Created by Drew Hemment, Moritz Stefaner, Studio NAND.

A FutureEverything project with MIT SENSEable City Lab for the Cultural Olympiad programme and London 2012 Festival.

Supported by  Lexalytics; Co-sponsored by GE and funded by Arts Council England and WE PLAY/Legacy Trust UK