FIFA — Development Globe

Visualising FIFA’s world­wide involve­ment in supporting foot­ball through educa­tional and infra­struc­tural projects

The 3D globe applic­a­tion provided multiple perspect­ives onto an enormous dataset of FIFA’s activ­ities grouped by tech­nical support, perform­ance activ­ities, and devel­op­ment projects. In close collab­or­a­tion with Moritz Stefaner, we have initially designed the formal prin­ciple for the visu­al­isa­tion based on a regu­larly subdivided icosahedron, and using custom created polit­ical maps based on GIS data we produced a mesh along all country borders. Jens Franke joined us for the inter­active devel­op­ment of the final application.

Our design process initially consisted of several iter­a­tions, we exper­i­mented with 3D soft­ware to quickly create moods, sensibilities, and visual design proposals. In parallel, we eval­u­ated the rendering capab­il­ities of Away3D, a 3D graphics frame­work based on Adobe’s Flash tech­no­logy, and the target plat­form in the client’s require­ment. We then proceeded to another prototyping cycle, where sketched out a processing algorithm with which we gener­ated the geomet­ries, those finally rendered by the web applic­a­tion. This initial inter­op­er­a­tion of different tools has proven to be very powerful, not at least thanks to the fabulous toxiclibs library which has been used for most of the 3D geometry calculations.

Produced by medi­en­fabrik Gütersloh GmbH in collaboration with Moritz Stefaner and Jens Franke