Can you capture the experience of driving through data, light and motion?

Studio NAND joined an inter-disciplinary team of video and design professionals to create the stage for a realtime video production using data and light.
A car and a human, brought together through sensors and realtime data streams formed the input to an ambient dynamic visualization projected onto two large walls. Speed, acceleration, heart rate and sound create textutures, patterns, fluid dynamic shapes and colors that visualize the excitement of driving at up to 80 km/h (50 mph).
This installation provided the ambient space for a professional video production capturing live moments in a never before seen way.

A physical simulation was used to control organically moving lines and curves.

Colors blend to represent various levels of excitement measured based on the driver’s biometric data.

Abstract geometric shapes visualize raw sensor data without the involvement of humans.

Geometric textures form the baseline for reflections on the car’s beautiful surface.


In collaboration with Prettybird and Studio XO

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