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Designing data-driven ambient interfaces for the future of mobility

The Challenge

How can ambient interfaces and innovative materials shape the experience of autonomous mobility

The Result

Interactive tangible prototypes that allowed the evaluation of interactions and information communication in the set-driving car

Our Expertise

  • Ideation
  • Interaction Design
  • UX & UI Design

The Brief

Material studies

Approached by Volkswagen's Future Center Europe to investigate the future of self-driving cars, we set out to design new data-driven ambient interfaces for autonomous mobility. Based on extensive research of feasible, long-lasting, and controllable material combinations, Studio NAND developed a fully functional prototype – creating a playful, emotional, usable and informative experience in the future automobile.

Our Approach

Material Studies

We conducted several material studies to find interesting feedback mechanisms that could be incorporated into the self-driving car's material.

Interactive Prototypes

Prototypes' design and functional development allowed us to test and evaluate user interactions and material feedback.

One of several prototypes

Visual Scenarios

Visual animated scenarios communicated the ideas and prototypes in the real-world context.


  • In collaboration with Dr. Olivier Bau, Prof. Thomas Ness, Felix Krämer, Fernanda Piza, Brian Harmes

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