We innovate hands-on, making data and technology inspiring and usable.


Our team designs and invents in an agile networked structure.

Steffen Fiedler

Production Lead, Partner

Jonas Loh

Design Lead, Partner

Stephan Thiel

Managing Director, Partner

Markus Kerschkewicz

Design Technologist

Gabriel Credico

Design Technologist

Judith Glaser


Anton Heistser

Software & Radar Engineer

Fabian Ehmel

Design Technologist

Anna Widera

Software Engineer


  • Interaction Design

  • Data analysis and visualization

  • Creative ideation

  • Use-cases for emerging technologies

  • Data based predictions

  • Strategy and consulting

  • Design and consulting for futures

  • Hardware and software development


Our clients reach from leading technology companies to cultural organizations, including:

Studio NAND has a reputation as one of the industry’s most progressive collectives
Computer Arts Magazine